How It Works

Standard Metal Face Fittings vs. OmniSafe Fittings

Standard Metal Face Fitting

What Really Happens:

  1. As the standard fitting is tightened, the attached components twist out of alignment. See Figure 1
  2. The torrid and gasket gall and shed particles into the process stream.
  3. Other unions loosen due to “cross torque”.
  4. “Reverse torque” or “wind up” is stored in the system. Loosening and leaks occur when exposed to vibration and shock.Leak check is a struggle with 1/8 turn past finger tight.

OmniSafe Fitting

What a Relief!

  1. OmniSafe torque eliminators prevent torque from being transferred from the nuts to the glands when tightened.
  2. Two glands are compressed linearly into the gasket displaying no “wind up” and perfect alignment. See Figure 2
  3. There is no seal damage, no galling, and no particle generation.
  4. The system seals quickly and passes leak check with 1/4 turn past finger tight.

Find Out How To Install an OmniSafe Fitting


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Vib_n_shock 810E Diagram


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Vib_n_shock 810E Graph