Top Features and Benefits List

Economic Justification for the OmniSafe

By associating features with benefits we are able to demonstrate how the OmniSafe fitting enhances product quality and reduces the cost of ownership for semiconductor process equipment.



No gland/component rotation during make up.

Decreased installation time, perfect component alignment.

No stored “residual torque”, as nuts tighten the glands twist, a preload is set in.

No additional tube and component clamps to prevent component loosening and twisting.

No particles from glands and gasket.

Less system pump down and purge time.

No galling of sealing surfaces.

Reduced scrap, extend component life, less down time @ $50k/shift, lower warranty cost.

Preserves the chromium enriched surface area on sealing surfaces.

Protects the surface from corrosive attack, extends component life.

No “cross torquing”, a loosening caused by torque from adjacent nuts being tightened.

Shorter repair time, more reliable maintenance. Reduced employee frustration.

No loosening due to vibration, thermal cycling or component rotation.

Higher yield, reduced maintenance cost, shorter tool installation time. Critical on corrosive, pyrophoric, and toxic lines. Reduced warranty cost.

Glands compatible with existing fittings.

Standard glands and gaskets may be used.

Fitting is the same size as standard when assembled.

No system redesign necessary. May be installed with standard wrenches.

Torque suppressors prevent gland bead to bead contact

No gland self destruction if fitting is tightened when gasket is sheared or missing. Less repair/maintenance.

May tighten 1/4th turn past finger tight, twice the seal integrity.

Less time to pass leak check, reduced maintenance cost due to seal failure. Reduced training time for technicians.