The Value Proposition

Benefits of Omnisafe Torque Elimination Fittings

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1. Assembly - Reduced Assembly Time and Higher Quality Product

  • No twist, therefore alignment of components is correct the first time.
  • Full 1/4 turn past finger tight, less ambiguous directions for technicicans.
  • Shorter training of new personnel during a ramp.
  • No “cross-torque” twist or loosening of adjacent fittings.
  • Tool design needs fewer clamps, locks and right angle turns to isolate torque effects.
  • No damage to glands if there is a missing gasket during assembly.

2. Leak Check - Reduced Time Due To Better Seal

  • Better seal, better gasket engagement, tighter (1/4 turn past finger tight).
  • No particles from galling of glands of gaskets.
  • Fewer leaks:
    • No vibrational loosening
    • No thermal cycle loosening
    • No loosening due to attached component rotation

3. Certification - Minimize Seal Failures, Longer Lasting System

  • No particles from glands and gasket galling.
  • Less moisture.
  • Preserve corrosive resistant chromium layer on sealing surfaces.

4. Qualification After Customer Receipt - Quicker Payment

  • Curtail excessive vibration abatement in shipping containers.
  • Avoid the need for re-tightening and over tightening all fittings on arrival.

5. Customer Acceptance - Process Dialed in Faster, Greater Satisfaction

  • Quicker pump-down.
  • Less time to achieve process targets.
  • Better yield.
  • Reduced warranty cost, better profit sharing.

6. Maintenance - Better Product Yield, Less Down-Time, Lower Warranty Cost

  • Multiple make and break for maintenance is feasible without gland damage.
  • Less unscheduled maintenance due to seal failure.
    • No vibrational loosening
    • No thermal cycle loosening
    • No loosening due to attached component rotation
  • Fewer sites for corrosion, equipment lasts longer.
  • Fewer damaged components.
  • No damage from missing gasket.

7. Lower Cost of Ownership - More Competitive, Successful Customer

  • Reduction in seal related unscheduled maintenance.
  • Reduction in wasted process materials.
  • Reduction in wasted in-process product.
  • Reduction in damaged gas system components.
  • Reduction in lost opportunity.
  • Increased yield.