Mil Std 810E – Seal Integrity Study

Mil Std 810E is designed to check the seal integrity of equipment under transportation shock & vibration. This study was performed by Applied Materials at Quanta Labs . The vibration phase was conducted for 3 hours which is designed to simulate 3000 miles of transportation.

The fittings glands were clamped into the fixture before tighten to simulate components that are attached to the back panel in a gas box.

The results of this test show that all three legacy face seal fittings show a noticeable loosening of the male/female nut post shock phase. One fitting no longer passes leak check 10-9.

After the final three axis vibration the first leak gets worse and a second fitting fails leak check. The Omnisafe fittings show no loosening or leak.

Since this test Omnisafe fittings have been flight qualified by JPL/NASA and Boeing.

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